Health Care with Brainware

Brainway plans and develops services to solve mental health problems, dementia, and developmental disabilities with "Brainware." Brainware is a solution that applies the information processing mechanism of the brain which is based on the structured brain science.


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Consulting and development of neuromedical diagnostic assistant devices

Brainway develops Brainware (including devices, training processes, systems, and services) such as the Prism adaptation system.
training process

Prevention and support for dementia and mental health problems

Brainway presents ways to allow the brain not functioning well under stress to shift to a state of optimal functioning.

Development of supporting technologies for next-generation data processing and brain mimicked database system

Brainway supports the development of next-generation computers and facilitates the use of big data with user-friendly interface technologies. We develop a brain mimicked processing module which is a kind of associative database.


Brainware is a collective term for systems, training processes, devices, and services that use or apply the mechanism of human brain.


1)Spatial Expression Adaptation System (SPEXA)

- SPEXA VR (Patented in Japan)
- SPEXA Touch Panel for Unilateral spatial neglect
- SPEXA Simple (Prism goggle only)

* For more about Prism Adaptation, click here.

2) Wisconsin Card Sorting Test VR

Wisconsin card sorting test is a neurophysiological battery for the frontal lobe function and can be used as a distractor task.
- Virtual reality version
- PC with a touch panel version
- PC with a eye tracking version


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